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Your Oil Club

The buying group started over ten years ago when a gentleman called Barney Lodge was approached by his nephew to build a website for a small group of oil consumers, resulting in the formation of the Maldon Buyers Club. 

The concept of the group buying heating oil continued to attract members from Essex and beyond and after a few years the Essex Oil Club was formed. 

As with most buying clubs the idea is to gather orders over a week or so and then hand the order to a supplier that offers the lowest price without lowering the standard of product nor quality of service.

We essentially and efficiently group orders together so that the buyer gets the best price and at the same time reduce the number of tankers on the road. 

As all popular things evolve and grow, and that Barney is approaching 75, the club is now managed by a team.

Orders are streamlined through an improved website and dedicated back-office system, all aimed to ensure of its continued success.

So welcome to 'Your Oil Club'

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